Our aim is to produce some of the finest white wines of the world. We have all the potential. The unique, high profile local variety, the Furmint, and the world’s most complex mineral bedrocks providing unique taste and structure for the wines produced in the right philosophy. Everything is happening in the vineyards. The target is to harvest perfectly ripe healthy grapes which express the particular character of the growing area. We apply strict yield control therefore minerality can be expressed. For fresh style we avoid oxidation from harvest to ageing thus the wine in the bottle is capable to show the unique character of the vineyards of Mád.

Istvan Szepsy Jr 18th generation winemaker is working on the integrated area with over 100 families of the village and leading his team in the winery.

The wine

Mád Furmint 2015

Furmint 100% dry
Alc.: 13% vol
Sugar: 1,9 g/l
Acidity: 5,9 g/l




Mád Hárslevelű 2014

Hárslevelű 100% semi-dry
Alc.: 12,0% vol
Sugar: 15,4 g/l
Acidity: 5,7 g/l




Mád Late harvest 2013

Furmint, Hárslevelű,
Sárgamuskotály sweet
Alc.: 11% vol
Sugar: 143,7 g/l
Acidity: 6,8 g/l

Our winemaker

István Szepsy Jr.      

The Szent Tamás Vineyards and Winery is led by István Szepsy Jr. We cultivate vines in eleven vineyards located mostly in Mád village, however we have parcels also in Tállya, Rátka and Tarcal. „The structure and the size of the estate is determined for the creation of highest quality   wines. We want to be worthy of the philosphy of the vignerons of Mád. Our aim is to   introduce new techniques and winemaking methods to the wines of the area whilst remaining   true to the real values of the area.  And if we can achieve our aims, this will allow us to   heighten even further the recognition of the vineyards of Mád within Tokaj region. Our reasons behind choosing these old vineyards is that Szent Tamás Winery want to   produce real and unique terroir wines. In order to achieve this, we need vines in good   condition and at least 20-25 years old. We carry out an extreme greenharvest and we look   after our vines if they were our children. Our team is made up of young local people. Perfectly   ripe and healthy grapes is our aim, at whatsoever cost. We are continually learning the   potential of our vines, because we have never worked with many parts of the vineyards. After   three years we already see more or less what each vineyard might achieve in the long term.   We produce three categories: dry wines, aszú made with bunches with high concentration,   and pure aszú making. Our dry wines are released as single vineyard wines. We have been   experimenting with sparkling wine since 2009.We will soon find out after many long years if  it has been worth the wait. I seriously believe in the potential of Furmint to produce Sparkling   Wine. Szent Tamás Winery is member of Mádi Kör, and cultivates the vine according to the   strict order of Mádi Kör.


Wine Order

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